Privacy Policy

The registration information that you render 'Research Measurement & Insights' in order to use the portal of 'Research Measurement & Insights' ("PORTAL") and its e-commerce is personal information, which makes up your database. This database, in turn, should be maintained securely, safe of any irregular or illegal use.

'Research Measurement & Insights' judges that it is very important you know that it has taken all possible measures so that your database is not made available to third parties and that third parties can not have access to your data. For that reason, the most effective information protection devices available on the market are used. In spite of this, it is important to explain that your information can, eventually, be made available.

However, this will only occur as a result of orders of the court, or of governmental administrative bodies, police or because of legal reasons.

This confidentiality agreement ("Agreement"), describes the way in which your database will be protected, indicating the obligations of 'Research Measurement & Insights' and the obligations that you will have to assume so that the protection can be effective.

In case there are any doubts regarding the terms of this Agreement contact us through the Portal, by means of the link "Contact Us."   

Clause 1.  Registration Data

1.1.  The data protected by this Agreement is expressly declared for the user of the Portal ("User").  For this reason, the User tacitly authorizes 'Research Measurement & Insights' to accomplish all of the diligences that it judges necessary to verify the accuracy and the truthfulness of the rendered information.  Any and all information obtained by 'Research Measurement & Insights' will be treated in a confidential manner.

1.2. The User, besides, in the act of completing of the registration, expressly declares that all the supplied data is true, and will be subject to the pertinent legal penalties in the case that its truthfulness is not, in anyway, confirmed.

1.3. The User can request that his or her data be excluded from the Portal at any time, by a written request for the cancellation of his or her registration, which should be fulfilled by 'Research Measurement & Insights' within the maximum period of 7 (seven) days, counted starting from the date the relevant request is received.   

1.4. Without prejudice to the declaration of the section1.3., above, 'Research Measurement & Insights', for certain period of time, can maintain the data of some Users because of the need of settling disputes, complaints or judicial and extrajudicial actions, all originating from of legal relationships established by the use of the services rendered in the Portal; will be able to, still, postpone the removal solicited in the case of technical problems or incidents. In any case, however, the data will not be immediately removed from the database for legal and technical reasons, including the systems of support and security.

1.5. The eventual e-mails exchanged between the User and the Portal can be stored, as the User has already declared his or her approval. 

1.6. All of the registered Users will have a personal password to access the services and to navigate the Portal. That password should be maintained in absolute secrecy. In the case that the User shares this information with a third party, 'Research Measurement & Insights' won't be responsible for any damage that, directly or indirectly, causes prejudice to the User. The password can be modified at any time by the User.

Clause 2. Declarations and responsibilities of 'Research Measurement & Insights'

2.1 'Research Measurement & Insights' doesn't assume responsibility for any irregular use of the information made available in the Portal, since caused by events of larger force, hazard, illegal interceptions or violation of its systems or databases by non-authorized persons, or any another reasons, which, being unexpected, impede that normal diligence and care can avoid them.

2.2. 'Research Measurement & Insights', observing the section 2.1., above, assumes an obligation to prese rve, to maintain and to protect the data supplied by the User, not being able to make use outside of the hypotheses foreseen in this Agreement, in the Contract of purchase and sale agreed to through the means of e-commerce and, still, if expressly authorized by the User.

2.3. The User's information obtained in the Portal can be shared among the 'Research Measurement & Insights' Group's companies. However, observing the section 2.2., above, the use of this data will be restricted to the services rendered in the Portal.

2.4. 'Research Measurement & Insights' declares that it will take all possible precautions to protect the information supplied in the registration.

Clause 3. Declarations and responsibilities of the User

3.1. The User declares:

(i) that he or she has full knowledge of their rights to access, cancel and update his or her personal data and password, as well as to oppose the use of said data and to be informed of any cessions;

(ii) that all of the rendered information are truthful and exact, should be updated in case of any modification and/or alteration;

(iii) to be aware that 'Research Measurement & Insights' can be forced to supply his or her information to the government, parliamentary, judicial or third parties authorities in agreement with certain circumstances. In these cases, however, with the exception of express orders of the court or other pertinent authorities, the User will be informed immediately;

(iv) to be in the full legal capacity, in other words, if not specified in none of the hypotheses of the 3rd and 4th articles of the Civil code; and,

(v) that won't harm any in way the activities undertaken by 'Research Measurement & Insights' in the Portal and it will use his or her password and the services offered with responsibility and diligence.

Clause 4. Alterations of this Agreement

4.1 'Research Measurement & Insights' can modify, at any moment, the terms and the conditions of this Agreement, and should notify the User through the publication of an updated version of the Agreement in this section, informing the date of the last update.

Clause 5. Rescission

5.1. this Agreement can be canceled and the registration of the User removed from the Portal in the following cases:

(i) falsehood of the data supplied in the registration;

(ii) disagreement regarding eventual alterations of this Agreement, properly notified within  5 (five) days counted from the publication of alterations made in the Agreement;

(iii) use of the brand, logo, name or denomination of 'Research Measurement & Insights' or of any of the companies that compose its corporate group, without the express authorization, through transmition in advertisement, e-mail, publications and, in general, in any other mean of communication or to  give third parties the impression that the User is in anyway related to 'Research Measurement & Insights';

(iv) by request, through e-mail or fax, of the User; and,

(v) by unilateral action of 'Research Measurement & Insights', in case the User disobeys any of the terms of this Agreement.

Clause 6. Compensation

6.1. 'Research Measurement & Insights' is obliged to compensate the User all and any damage caused by its exclusive fault, in the hypotheses foreseen by law.

6.2. All and any damage caused by the User to 'Research Measurement & Insights' and/or to the Portal should be compensated properly, inter allia, damages caused by the irregular and non-authorized use of the brand 'Research Measurement & Insights' and of its related products and companies.

Clause 7. Cookies

7.1 The Portal can use, for administrative and technical purposes, cookies - that is, a file that, installed in the User's computer, propitiates the analyses of movements within  the Portal, optimizing navigation -, which the User has already agreed to and can not oppose.

7.2. the User, however,  will be able to, at any moment, verify if the cookies are helping and/or impeding his or her actions, by the activation of mechanisms of his or her browser.

Clause 8. Forum and legislation

8.1. The present Agreement is governed by Indian legislation .

8.2. The jurisdiction of Mumbai is selected to settle all and any doubt or controversy originating from of this Agreement, with the express renouncement of any other, no matter how privileged it may be.

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