Our psychographic market segmentation in terms of activities, interests, opinions, emotions, values, motivations & lifestyles

help describe your customer. Our services can be used alone, or, more commonly, to enhance the benefits of traditional market segmentation, including behavioral and customer database analysis.

The application of our psychographic segmentation improves product and service development, brand positioning, targeting and advertising and marketing effectiveness, and results in a greater return on marketing investment. We combine expertise in branding, marketing and advertising with deep and extensive knowledge of human behavior, cognitive psychology and personality measurement.

We have an extensive library of psychometric instruments, surveys and personal interview techniques that can be quickly and economically deployed to integrate with your existing market research processes. We provide practical and actionable analysis that is easily implemented and scalable to large populations.

Beyond Demographics

Market competition is increasing. Consumers and business customers are accustomed to many choices, with greater product and service diversity, and thus have a higher level of expectation of your marketing efforts. To be more effective, you need better ways to segment your market.

Our services take you beyond demographics. Numbers identify the markets; they don't explain the markets. Even though modern segmentation techniques such as data analytics are very powerful, they can be improved. Current segmentation techniques tell you which customers share the same demographics and purchase behavior, but they don't tell you the motivations for their behaviors. They tell you what customers and prospects have done, but they can't help you predict what they might or could do in the future. Psychographics are the next level of segmentation, offering greater insight into your customers. We can help you construct profiles of these individuals, to help target them better.

True psychographic segmentation does not merely assign customers to generic groups that are too broad to be meaningful and actionable. Although you can purchase standardized personas, such as the happy senior, or the adventurous teenager, they are not customized to your products and services. Similarly, in business-to-business markets, there are emotional reasons why customers buy, beyond the practical, stated needs, which can't be captured by traditional research. You will learn the emotional, in addition to the rational, reasons that people buy. You will understand whether their primary motivations are price, quality, service or some intangible connection they have with your product or service.

In traditional market research, what respondents tell you doesn't reveal their hidden or unstated desires and motivations. We understand the complexity of human behavior. We'll help you understand the attitudes and beliefs that consumers have about your products. We can help you, for example, to understand in more detail category users, loyal customers, your competitors' customers, and frequent brand switchers.