Our best syndicated proposition

Cinema Audience Measurement (CAM)

  1. Cinema Audience Measurement (CAM) is a continuous, syndicated study to understand the habits and behavior of the cinema audience.
  2. The main objective is to measure the audience, the recency and frequency of visits, understand their demographic and psychographic profiles
  3. Identify the factors that influence their choice of movies and cinema houses
  4. The study will also quantify the reach & impact of advertising in cinema
  5. Use the cutting edge Cinema Advertising & Scheduling Tool (CAST) to reach this captive and attentive audience

CAM is extremely targeted, interviewing only those who have been to the cinema in the last 6 months, thus ensuring that all respondents have cinema and film experiences. 

The study covers all aspects of film consumption - the experience of cinema, VCD/DVD/Blue-ray/torrents/online, on-demand, trailers, advertising, reviews, 3D, digital, information sourcing, piracy and more. 

With a large sample size of respondents aged 7+, released every quarter; CAM is able to provide in-depth insight into the behaviour of both adults and children. It also asks parents with children aged 4 - 6yrs about the cinemagoing and film consumption of their children.

Key information areas:

  1. Frequency & Recency of Cinema attendance
  2. Profile of the audience (No just demographics… but lifestyle too)
  3. Behavior of the audience, in terms of use of traditional media
  4. Movie consumption - mode & patterns
  5. Reach & Recall of Advertising in Cinema
  6. Shopping, Eating-out and Cinema – Correlation (a complete retail component)
  7. Type of Cinema visited (multiplex, single screen etc.)
  8. Key attributes that influence the choice of Cinema houses
  9. Types of film seen/Reasons for choosing the film (cast, genre, reviews etc..)
  10. Mode of travel to a Cinema, amount spend on transport
  11. Size of party (with whom and how many)
  12. Amount Spend on tickets and refreshments