Dr. Nilotpal Chakravarti

Nilotpal Chakravarti received his PhD from the University of Waterloo, Canada, in the field of Operations Research (OR) in 1987. Subsequently he taught in the USA (Northern Illinois University, 1987-89) and India (IIM Calcutta, 1989-98). He has organized conferences, presented seminars and carried out collaborative research with colleagues in American, Canadian and Dutch universities. 

Dr. Nilotpal Chakravarti served in the Sales and Revenue Management Department of Singapore Airlines from 1998-2001. His responsibilities in Singapore Airlines included monitoring the performance of the current revenue management system, suggesting and overseeing enhancements and providing directions for future development. In particular, he was involved in the development of an Origin-Destination Revenue Management System and initiatives to improve revenue management within the Star Alliance. Since 2002 he has been a consultant. He has participated in projects in diverse areas including logistics, data analytics, forecasting, finance, human resource management, and revenue management. He has led the development of a Revenue Management system for one of India’s largest broadcasters and the largest low cost airline in the Middle East. He has published research papers in several prestigious journals including Mathematics of Operations Research, Mathematical Programming and SIAM J on Optimization.

A few of the projects in which Dr. Chakravarti has been involved are listed below. 

  • Forecasting passenger demand, at both flight and Origin-Destination level as part of a Revenue Management System at SIA. 
  • Development of software for optimal deployment of staff in Singapore schools for The Ministry of Education, Singapore.
  • Forecasting future manpower requirement as part of development of software for manpower planning for the Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore. 
  • Planning the inventory, storage and transport of ammunition for Singapore Armed Forces.
  • Development and implementation of a container loading software for a large packaging firm (Trias) in Indonesia.
  • Development of software for planning the movement of empty containers for Meratus, an Indonesian shipping company.
  • A study of the routes, frequencies and vessel assignments for a large Indonesian shipping corporation with a view to improving profitability
  • Development of optimization software for portfolio allocation for a large European pension fund. 
  • Development of data analysis and optimization software for a market research company
  • Forecasting chemical prices for a large multinational company.
  • Forecasting demand for Saudi telecom in post liberalization scenarios.
  • A data mining exercise to determine borrower segments in terms of profitability for a British financial institution specializing in mortgages.
  • Developing scheduling algorithms to roster staff at the British Automobile Association.
  • Data mining exercises for a British debt collection agency to determine the best matching of collectors to debts
  • Modeling the behavior of customers of a major US auto finance company.
  • Developing Media Optimization software for a ratings agency.
  • Developed a Credit Scoring Model for the fifth largest US Bank. 
  • Developing a revenue management system for one of India’s largest broadcasters
  • Developing a revenue management system for the largest low cost carrier in the Middle East
  • A study of the logistics operations of Duncans Industries Ltd. (Packet Tea Division). This is one of the three largest packet tea companies of India. The study considered the entire supply chain for production/distribution of over 80 blends/lines of tea with several production centres, blending and packing units, and depots distributed all over the country.  The results of the study were published in the April 2000 issue of OR/MS Today, the journal of INFORMS, the US Society for Operations Research/Management Science.