Ishwar Joshi

A key advisor to RMI, Ishwar is a Software Professional with a proven track record of building successful world class Apps and Websites. Experienced with all aspects of building Software from Vision to Execution in companies ranging from Startups to Fortune 100..

Notable Personal projects of Ishwar:

  • - in top 3 ranks for the search term 'I Love GOD'. Million+ annual visitors.
  • - Facebook Plus in the top 10 free apps on the Windows 8 Store.
  • - was the world's first web interface to FTP.
  • - Built a website for Richard Stallman regarding the 'Know Your Customer' banking program.


  • - Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing/Mining, OLAP.


  • CSDP - Certified Software Development Professional by IEEE
  • MCSD - Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
  • MCDBA - Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
  • MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • SCJP - Sun Certified Java Professional


  • - Ran a 26.2 mile full marathon 
  • - Earned a Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do from 2 time World Champion Grandmaster Chung Ho Park
  • - Climbed Mt. Rainier (14,400 feet)
  • - Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga