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Track 'intentions' of the consumer to determine future market size; qualify - Intention to Incidence - process

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Monitor 'Satisfaction' levels of the consumer so that you can work well, towards delighting them.

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Our "Usage & Attitudes' studies will not only help you size the market but also provide actionable insights.

  • Our comprehensive measurements into media trends; television, radio, print and web stats provide insights to help planning/marketing.

  • Our proprietary technique ICU tracks Intentions, Consideration and Usage to determine  past, current and future market size of a product/brand/variant.

  • Our psychographic market segmentation in terms of activities, interests, opinions, emotions, values, motivations & lifestyles

  • Our proprietary research 'R E A S O N S' investigates and understands the 'reasons' behind the brand health of your competition & yours...


Our best syndicated proposition

Cinema Audience Measurement (CAM)

  1. Cinema Audience Measurement (CAM) is a continuous, syndicated study to understand the habits and behavior of the cinema audience.
  2. The main objective is to measure the audience, the recency and frequency of visits, understand their demographic and psychographic profiles
  3. Identify the factors that influence their choice of movies and cinema houses
  4. The study will also quantify the reach & impact of advertising in cinema
  5. Use the cutting edge Cinema Advertising & Scheduling Tool (CAST) to reach this captive and attentive audience

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